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The Story of Instagram
    Not only is Instagram my favorite app of all time, it is also one of the fastest growing startup in the recent years. Read this article on Vanity Fair about the story of instagram from its birth to ...
How Young, Urban Consumers Respond to Digital Marketing in China
    According to the report of eMarketer, about 79% of young adult interest users in China would see branded content online if they are interested in the brand or product.  It is an imperative ...
Search and Email are still the most popular activities on Web
    According to the research posted on August 2011 from MarketingProfs, both email and search have been the two most popular activities on web since 2002.  However, one of the outstanding ...
Online Video with eCommerce
    According to eMarketer Daily, the online video ad spending is growing faster than any other digital ad format.  I think it would be a even stronger biz opportunity if the video marketing is ...
Online Ad Spend Surpasses Newspapers
    According to eMarketer forecasts, US spending on online advertising in 2010 will push pass newspapers for the first time.  The situation will not only in the US, it will definitely be the ...
Capture the nearly 250 Billion Yuan online shopping market
    In the past, many marketers believe Hong Kong is not a right place for eCommerce.  Yes, they might be right because of the geographical situation and relatively small population.  ...
Chantecaille Hong Kong Website Launched
Creative user experience not equal to high usibility web site
    Generate creative user experience (UX) is critical to prolong the stay of your web site, especially when your prospective customers first visit the site.  For recurring visit, usability ...
Building an Online Brand with Excellent Visuals and Interaction is Vital to Website's Success
    When customers are searching for products or services across a variety of websites in a competitive marketplace, a good visual or even animation could generate the emotional experience. It could also ...
Increase your eCampaign View Rate and Reduce the Chance of being classified as a SPAM
    From most research and previous eCampaign experience, a successful eCampaign has average view rate around 30%. To increase eCampaign view rate, content design is critical. Not only should ...
Your Existing and Prospecitve Customers are Experts in what they need?
    The Internet makes customers powerful.  If you don't provide adequate information about your products through your marketing channels or activities, your customers will go to the ...
The Importance of Marketing your Website
    No matter how good the user experience  your website has been created, a website that isn't marketed and isn't visited by prospective customers might as well not exist.  Therefore, it is ...
The online population of China has passed United States
    China passed the United States in 2007 to become the country with the largest number of Internet users.  China online population is forecast to grow from 275 million users in 2008 to 375 million ...
Savills Asia Pacific Successful Story Using Pivotal CRM
    Pivotal CRM customer success story from Savills Asia Pacific (http://www.savills.com/). With over 160 offices and nearly 16,000 employees worldwide, Savills is the leading international property ...
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